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To everyone complaining about how Marion isn’t safe anymore they should have come to Christmas on the Square last night. Lots of fun and good times and no one was in danger. [Editor’s Note: I really hate that I had to miss both the West Memphis Christmas Parade and Christmas on the Square this year. At least I’ll be able to catch the Marion Christmas Parade on Thursday. And I agree with you – I think Marion is a safe place to live. But I also think West Memphis gets a bad rap, so take that for what it’s worth]

*** Hello I’m Keylyan Clark. A student of Academies of West Memphis. I here tonight as a cry for help. A cry for justice to be exact. So recently I was suspended from school due to unjust reasoning. I was suspended and came back this previous Monday. Well when I came back they don’t me to alternative school for the same reason why I was suspended. Now I do believe that is called double jeopardy if I’m not mistaken. There’s a video out currently that has been shared 87 times explaining the events that happened. No it’s not vulgar nor obscene. It’s just a video explaining what went down. I would like for you go view it by clicking #freekeylyan or just add me on Facebook at Keylyan Clark. Justice must be served [Editor’s Note: Since we started doing this, I have had complaints, questions, notes of thanks, and comments of all sorts, but this is my first “cry for justice” so far. Best of luck!]

*** Love it! So true and funny!!! [Editor’s Note: I don’t have the context for this message, so I don’t know whether or not to agree with it. So, let me hedge my bets and say that I, too, love it! It is indeed so true and funny!!! … or, no, I hate it! So false and so not funny!!! Pick whichever response works for you. Wait, is this about the liquor store sign that read “Alcohol is like duct tape – Fixes Everything?” Probably so, because it elicited a lot of response]

*** In response to the liquor store sign complaint. They are good people. [Editor’s Note: I doubt very seriously that the sign was meant to intentionally make anyone angry, but I can certainly see how it could]

*** I love the Interstate liquor signs! They are hilarious and give me something to giggle at! Please help us keep them! They make my day! [Editor’s Note: I don’t think they need any help in keeping them. No one is suggesting that they can’t put up their little messages. This sign is the biggest thing to hit “Text the Times” since the mayor of Earle … OK, except maybe the pecan-cracking bulletin]

*** I think the liquor sign is pretty funny! [Editor’s Note: Like anything else, “funny” is a matter of taste. I mean, millions of people love Madea movies and Larry the Cable Guy and I find both of those things to be terrible. Did you know there are whole books of “dead baby” jokes?]

*** I want you to know, I pass the Interstate Liquor everyday & find the signs very entertaining. The world is under attack with mass shootings on our own soil. Really you are worried about a sign clearly meant to lighten everyone’s day. If you are so offended, don’t look at it. [Editor’s Note: I’m with you on the whole idea that there are far worse things to be offended about than a sign, but your “don’t look at it” argument is a little silly. How can you know if something offends you before you read it?]

*** I love the sign thank you [Editor’s Note: Again, opinions vary. Yours is just as valid as anyone else’s. You know, the Missour Street Church of Christ in West Memphis puts some pretty entertaining and/or thought-provoking stuff up on their sign. I don’t agree with all of it, but that’s the great thing about individuality. I don’t have to]

*** I love love the signs at Interstate Liquor!!! [Editor’s Note: You “love love” them? That’s pretty serious. I only “love love” my family … and cheeseburgers]

*** In response to interstate liquors I think the sign is great. I look forward to what they will come up with next. If someone don’t like it don’t read it that’s my opinion. [Editor’s Note: At this point I feel like I should be charging Interstate Liquors for all of this free advertising. I’ll bet they didn’t even know their signs had such a following]

*** The signs are always funny. [Editor’s Note: Are they really “always” funny? C’mon, even Jerry Sienfeld had a few clunkers in his repertoire]

*** I personally loved the sign at interstate liquors. It was obviously meant to be humorous but some people just don’t know how to take a joke [Editor’s Note: I’m with you 100 percent on “It was obviously meant to be humorous,” but the “some people just don’t know how to take a joke” part? Not to be a Debbie Downer here, but do you think someone whose loved one was killed by a drunk driver or a child being abused by an alcoholic parent is in on that particular joke?]

*** I love the signs! It’s a liquor store … what signs would you expect to see? [Editor’s Note: I suppose that’s a valid point. I’ll be honest and again say that I had no idea this sign was a thing. And I certainly didn’t know there was a whole series that I have apparently been missing out on]

*** The sign is humorous. As it was intended to be. Looking forward to the next one. Editor’s Note: After all of this build-up, there’s no way the next sign lives up to the hype. But If you need something for your next one, I saw a sign one time that said, “In God We Trust! All Others Pay Cash!” You can have that one for free, Interstate Liquors]


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