Announcing the 2015 All-County Defensive Team

Chuck’s Corner by Chuck Livingston

Welcome back to the All-County headquarters! I’m Chuck Livingston. Heard mostly positive stuff from my offensive squad from Tuesday. Obviously, I wasn’t able to select everyone that was deserving, as there were many, but I appreciate the feedback. Today, I select the 2015 All-County Defensive team, and if you thought that the offensive roster was stacked, take a look at the defense. Defensive line: Courtney Pollard, West Memphis Jabriel Jackson, West Memphis Jerry Boatman, Marion Biron Rossel, West Memphis Christian Honorable mentions: Joe Davis, Earle. Stephen Wooten, West Memphis Christian. Look at this defensive line! Are you kidding me? Jackson and Pollard were a big reason that West Memphis was so stout against the run in 2015. That’s not to say that they were just run-stuffers, however. They were also able to get after the passer. Awesome pair of linemen that had a huge impact on the Blue Devil defense. Boatman is about as nice as they come away from the field, but don’t believe that’s him all the time. He was a two-way star for Marion, but was usually unblockable on defense. His athleticism is off the charts and he’ll be missed in 2016. Rossel is a hard worker and he was one of West Memphis Christian’s most consistent players on the defensive line. He’s a young guy and stands a good chance of improving even more moving forward. Linebackers: Cale Lepard, Marion Trevor Wise, West Memphis Bjorn Warren, Earle Cortez Banks, Earle Kirby Patterson, West Memphis Christian Marion’s linebackers were perhaps the most improved aspect of its defense last season, and a big reason for that was a full season of Lepard. Lepard wasn’t the biggest guy on the field, but few were more aggressive. He just always seemed to be around the ball. Speaking of aggressive, Wise had a big year for the Blue Devils on the second level of their defense. He always played hard and became a leader for West Memphis. Warren and Banks may have been Earle’s best two defenders last season. Banks was named to the All-State team and Warren emerged as a relative unknown in the preseason to being a Markus Lane clone as the year went on. Banks also played a huge role on Earle’s offense as a possession receiver. Patterson was also a good two-way player at West Memphis Christian, but defense was still his forte. The senior covered a lot of ground around the middle of the field. He ends his career as a three-year player with the Black Knights. Defensive backs: Brien Glasper, Jr., West Memphis Kabryn Williams, Marion Dontrell Johnson, Earle Honorable mentions: Young, Marion. Only three defensive backs because I went with five linebackers. We’re really wanting to stop the run here at All-County HQ. Glasper had a really nice year for West Memphis at cornerback. Just a junior, he could make nice leap in his third year in the defensive system for the Blue Devils. Williams was a big play early machine in the season, coming up with a memorable 99-yard scoop-and-score early in Marion’s season against Wynne, followed by a pick-six in Nettleton in week two. He also shifted to safety from cornerback to help the team and the transition was largely a success. Johnson was a jack-of-all-trades for the Bulldogs in 2015. Not only a great defensive back who had a nose for the ball, he was also Earle’s backup quarterback and a good receiver. Only Banks may have been Earle’s more versatile Bulldogs. So that’s it. The best players (in my opinion) in Crittenden County in 2015. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Until we meet again.

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