Our View: Clinton rhetoric on gun control won’t win many fans in Arkansas

Now, we know there are a lot of hard-core Democrats among us in Crittenden County, but we would certainly hope they have enough intelligence and good common sense to see their party’s choice for president, none other than Hillary Clinton, is a political re-tread with socialistic ideas that go well beyond reality. While we’re being bombarded with 24-7 news of terrorism, Muslim extremists on a killing spree, murdering defenseless people in Paris where strict gun laws prevent anyone from protecting themselves, Clinton is on a tirade calling gun violence “a national emergency”. This woman of desperation is telling anyone who will listen (very few) to her pathetic babbling not to give up hope that gun lobby, (NRA), can be defeated and the citizens of the United States can be as defenseless as all those victims killed by the terrorists in Paris recently. May we strongly suggest that Ms Clinton and her husband, Bill, set an example by stripping themselves of the massive Secret Service protection and going around without the scores of heavily armed government agents paid for by use vulnerable taxpayers to protect them. Let us also suggest that this radical, socialistic president scale back on the use of his army of federal agents who surround him with fully automatic assault rifles and see how he feels secure when he is out and about on the streets of America. Clinton made her ridiculous comments as she was awarded the inaugural Mario M. Cuomo Visionary Award by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence for her efforts to stop gun violence. In her typical arrogant fashion, Clinton said “There’s no way to think about it other than it’s a profound failure of our laws and our politics. It’s claimed too many lives and ripped apart too many families and communities. It’s long past time to say enough. Enough talk, enough delay. It’s time to act.” Among some of her absolutely ridiculously radical ideas, Clinton says if she is elected she will use her executive powers to override lawmakers by cracking down on the sale of guns at popular gun shows as well as making all gun manufacturers liable when their guns are used in the commission of a crime. Such action would virtually end the sale of just about any weapon in the United States by any manufacturer such as Smith & Wesson, Glock, Remington and scores of other gun manufacturers. We can only hope that the majority of Arkansans fully understand the political agenda of this radical Democratic presidential candidate who seriously fails to have a grip on the real issues facing this country as a direct result of almost eight years of inept leadership from the president she wants to replace who has turned this country into a international laughing stock. If the truth be told, we doubt seriously Clinton will garner the necessary votes in Arkansas regardless of who her opposition may ultimately be, and we certainly don’t expect to see her waste her time spewing her socialistic propaganda to the vast number of gun-loving Arkansans.


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