I try to understand but I just can’t

By Bill McFerrin Local Commentary

I was thinking about the 40s and the way they did things back then. I remember how almost everybody loved Old Glory and America and what she stood for around the world. I remember that millions wanted to come here from other places around the world, and it was not because of our giveaways, because we didn’t have any. I remember the music that they danced to, with the big bands like Glen Miller and Tommy Dorsey and a lot of others that were very popular in those days. There were no such things as political correctness and hurt feelings back then, because back then you just let things roll off of your back and kept going (or stepped outside to see if you could back up what you just said). Then we come on into the 50s. That was my time. We still said the “Pledge of Allegiance” to the flag and still had prayer every morning before class. But in today’s society, that’s over with. We had Christmas time off for two weeks — and no it was not “winter break” — and that was always a happy time because there was no school. You could drive down any street in any town in America and see Nativity displays everywhere, even in front of government buildings. But not today because it’s just too hurtful. I remember the rock and roll music that we listened to back then, like Elvis, Fats, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and so many more. I remember the sock-hops at the school gym and the drive-in restaurants and the poodle skirts and the black-and-white oxfords that the girls wore back then. And man did they look cool, and I know first hand because I got me one and have had her for over 55 years. We wore Levi’s and duck-tails and penny-loafers, and regardless of what some people say, we respected everyone back then, especially the older folks and our veterans, because if you didn’t, your mom or dad just may make you pick up your jaw about four feet from you. If you even thought about spiting on a veteran, you would be wearing dentures at a very young age. I don’t mind telling you I sure do miss those times because as the years have passed on, I now look in the mirror and see stretch waist pants and Velcro sneakers and a lot of my joints hurt and creak a little, but with all that I still don’t mind because now I have a Savior to walk along with me. And he keeps loving me regardless of how old I am or how I look. Now we move into the sixties and seventies and it seemed that things started to change, slowly going down the hill. During this era, we were introduced to drugs of all kinds and slowly started to turn our back on God. They had the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and some more that I can’t even remember, but I bet there are some of you reading this that remember every one of them. Some of the dances that they did sure were a stark difference from the Bop that most of us did at the sock-hops back in the day. Some of these singers were what I would call hard rock, because with what was coming down the road had to be called acid rock, because by the eighties and nineties we were well on the way of changing the way our lives had been lived up to that point, and most likely never to be that way again. Then somewhere along the first part of the 2000’s we came to a time where they started calling themselves Millennials. And this brought on a style of music and words where if you want to be politically correct you have to hate all policemen and lose all respect for women and the dances that they do are something that I didn’t think you could do without being arrested. And this is where I think I got lost, because it seemed to me that almost everything that they did, God and me seemed to disagree with. I truly tried to understand what they were doing and where they were going. Now let me say here that I know that all Millennials are not all alike because I have met some very kind and respectful young people, but the ones that I see in the news so much from coast to coast, especially in some of our colleges are not anything like them. So I try to listen to what they are complaining about, and for the life of me I just can’t get there. I hear a lot about “white privilege” and the only thing that comes to mind is, what would my Mom and Dad think about that statement? When they were walking the two miles down a dusty road to the fields with there hoes on their shoulders after getting up at 4 a.m. to feed and milk the cows and cook breakfast for all us young’uns, and at the same time fix the noon meal to be eaten in the field, because they knew they would not be back until dark. And then get up to do it all over again. It seems to me that the ones that do the most complaining are the ones in the best colleges with that $500 cell phones and the $300 iPad. I say to myself try to figure out what they would be satisfied with. And part of what I think might help is to close down most if not all of the Christian churches, and make it unlawful and hurtful to even mention the name of Jesus or his father God in any school in this country or public area. And next would be to do away with marriage altogether and have nothing but cohabitation among all that wanted to spend some long term time with each other regardless of what sex you were. And if you get tired of being the person that you were born as, just get a doctor to change you, and then for everybody to say that is so beautiful. Now I know that some of you want to say that they are just kids, so lighten up, but in reality, when and if they graduate, there will be a rude awakening waiting on them in the real world. Just because your professor let you have your way sure doesn’t mean that your new employer will be so obliging. I read the other day that we have 12 percent fewer Christians today in America than we did 20 years ago, so that tells me they are getting what they want. I don’t mean to put any kind of a damper on the fast approaching holidays, but how long have we got before that holiday is no longer allowed. If any of you Millennials think that all this stops here, then you better think again, because the ones growing up behind you will probably make your desires pale in comparison to what they will demand, because it is never enough when you are dealing with fallen man, And here’s a good time to think about the word “flood.” God bless each one of you and yours, and buckle up, because I think that this is just the start. Bill McFerrin is a West Memphis resident with some things to say and a certain way of saying them.


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