Hughes/Horseshoe Lake News

By Holly Bacon

Garden Club

The Hughes Town and Country Garden Club met at Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant in West Memphis. Hostess’s this month were: Butch Murray, Virginia Carpenter and Jeanette Cumbia. This month’s program was given by Mrs. Murray, on Poinsettia: History and Care. The ladies enjoyed Chips and Dip, Taco Salad and Ice Cream with Cinnamon. Door prizes of Poinsettia’s were won by: Kathy Davenport, Melinda Akins and Nan Lambert.

*** Hughes Methodist Church

Acknowledgements Nov. 27 — Happy Birthday wishes to: Lloyd Linn, Darby Izabella Brown, Turner Roark and Michelle Estes (Mrs. H.W.B. Estes) Nov. 28 — Happy Birthday wishes to: Mallory Cupples and Warren “Cole” Mooney. Happy Anniversary to Butch & Steve Murray, and In Memory Charles Adams, Jr. and Edna Permenter. Nov. 29 — Happy Birthday wishes to: Jody Arnold, Ginny Clay May, Alex Funderburg and Butler Bernard. Nov. 30 — Happy Birthday wishes to: Ann Culver Reece, Kim Bobo, Pam Spencer Blair, Chloe Elizabeth Wright and Richard Kindervater. Happy Anniversary to: Alex & Morgan Mc Clanahan and In Memory Megan Arnold. Dec. 1 — Happy Birthday wishes to: Adam Sneed, Michelle Trail, Asterios Houtas and Bart Wright. Dec. 2 — Happy Birthday wishes to: Julie Johnston-Sauls, Amber Bacon, Ethan Karow and Isabelle Mae Mc Collum and In Memory Virginia Bonds. Dec. 3 — Happy Birthday Wishes to: David Fitzgerald, Lorna Hornbeak Casey, Beck Gibson and Ryan Moss and In Memory Cliff Walton.

*** Calendar of Events Nov. 29th Mass, 7:30 a.m., St. Mary’s of the Lake Catholic Church. Sunday School 10 a.m., Worship Service 11 a.m., Horseshoe Lake Baptist Church. Nov. 30th Hughes Rotary Club meets, 6:30 p.m. Deadline for weekly news 8 p.m., contact Holly Bacon at 870-339-3514 or Would enjoy having a section on Thanksgiving Travels and or Visitors. Dec. 1st Zumba class, 8 a.m., Surf Club Building. Horseshoe Lake Fire Dept. meets, 6:30 p.m., Fire Station on Lake Estates Dr. Horseshoe Lake Ladies Bunko, 7:30 p.m., Home of Lethia Jo Cupples. Dec. 3rd Zumba class, 8 a.m., Surf Club Building Hughes Fire Dept. meets, 7 p.m., Fire Station on Blackwood. Dec. 4th Next weekly column appears.


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