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Happy birthday Mayor Bill Johnson. Proverbs 9:11. [Editor’s Note: I had to look it up, but Proverbs 9:11 reads, “For through wisdom your days will be many, and years will be added to your life.” It’s actually a very nice sentiment. I needed to make sure it wasn’t something snarky, like when someone posts “Pray for our President, Psalm 109:8” on Facebook. If you haven’t seen it, the verse says, “May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership.” Anyway, Happy Birthday, indeed, Mr. Mayor!]

*** Editor. Have you, or your many readers heard anything about the recent unpleasantness going on with this excuse for a judge from wynne. What’s his name? He sits in for the “full time” excuse in WM. I’ll bet even money that if it was mayor jones it would be front page news-above the fold. I hope mayor jones will sue davis and anyone else thats trying to destroy a duly elected official. But Obama has endured the same treatment for almost eight years. So it mus be par for the course. We know what it’s all about, though. Don’t we? SMH :(( [Editor’s Note: I have heard (and if you haven’t, read the story elsewhere on this page) It’s not front-page news (at least not here) because we primarily cover Crittenden County, but you’re right, as Judge Boeckmann does fill in for Judge Fred Thorne (whose weekly dose of justice can be found right here in the Times) … and that’s where you sort of go off a cliff. How a Cross County judge’s alleged misdeeds in any way connects to the mayor of Earle’s conduct or whatever it is you believe President Obama “has endured” is a puzzle that I apparently don’t have all the pieces to. You say, “We know what it’s all about,” but, I guess we don’t. You seem to be trying to play up some sort of racial angle, but Boeckmann is white and under investigation. Mayor Jones is black, and so are the organizers of the petition to recall her. And Obama? I … can’t see where this is going]

*** I attended the Richland elementary school program last nights, with the fourth grade performing to honor OUR flag. They also honored our veterans who were in attendance. A every excellent program. However while we were singing the national anthem, I was alarmed at the large number of adults that did not place their right hand over their heart. The fourth graders out performed the adults in showing respect for OUR flag. [Editor’s Note: I’ll be the first to admit, I’m pretty liberal on most things, but it really does bother me when people don’t observe proper flag etiquette or “follow the rules” during the Pledge of Allegiance or National Anthem. For anyone out there who didn’t know, there really are government-issues guidelines for these sorts of things. There’s a great website, usa-flag-site.org, that has them all, but here’s a brief excerpt: “Although many people simply stand when the National Anthem is sung, this is poor flag etiquette. You should salute the flag as it passes — this means hand over heart by citizens and formal salute by those in military uniform. The flag show also be saluted when raised or lowered and when the leader of the event salutes. When the National Anthem is played, citizens should stand and hold their hand over their heart beginning with the first note and holding throughout the song until the very last note. Those not in military uniform should remove their hats. Face and salute the flag unless there is none, in which case you should face and salute in the direction of the music. Those who are not U.S. citizens should stand at attention in respect, but are not required to salute in any way.” And I’m with you — if the kids can do it, you should, too]

*** Good to see our governor standing up for our state and refusing to accept the Syrian refugees. Glad someone is looking out for us! [Editor’s Note: Hutchinson is not alone. So far, 27 states have said “No!” to accepting Syrian refugees. I completely get the reasoning behind it, but it’s worth pointing out that the federal government, if it so chooses, can easily supersede the governors’ wishes. Furthermore, once they are on U.S. soil, they are free to go wherever they want. It’s not like there’s a security checkpoint at the Arkansas-Missouri state line checking immigration status. My personal view is that while I hate to see people suffering, I can’t help but realize such a massive influx of people puts our nation at risk]

*** FYI Hobbit sports was robbed by gun point Tuesday night around 8pm . you can check with local police, I feel people of west memphis should know. [Editor’s Note: I’m going to assume you meant Hibbet Sports (although “Hobbit Sports” sounds just awesome, honestly), and if we get any info from the West Memphis Police Department, we’ll be sure to run it]


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