ASU Mid-South hires Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Life

Moore on helping students: ‘It’s something I wanted to be a part of’

By Don Threm ASU Mid-South

Arkansas State University Mid-South has hired Dr. Derek Moore as Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Life. Moore comes to ASU Mid-South from the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton where he directed Academic Advising and Career Services. “In just a short time in his new role, Derek has already demonstrated that he will be a significant asset for our students and our campus,” said Jeremy Reece, ASU Mid-South Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. “Since coming to ASU Mid-South, he has spent a great deal of time listening to his colleagues, assessing our processes, and engaging our students.” “Derek is well respected for his work on student success initiatives at Pulaski Technical College and UACCM as well as his state-wide project work with Arkansas’s two-year college organization. Welcoming Derek Moore as a member of the ASU Mid-South family is an enormous win for the Delta, and I have no doubt we are a far better institution with him on board.” Reece said the search committee reviewed a significant number of resumes from highly qualified candidates before selecting Moore as the best choice for ASU Mid-South. “We were overwhelmed by the interest in our associate vice chancellor position, which speaks volumes of both our community and our institution.” Moore, originally from Nashville, Arkansas, said his awareness of higher education as a career opportunity began while a student at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. “My interest in students started way back when I was a college student myself and saw some of the services that were being offered,” he explained. “When I graduated, I worked with some workforce, career, and educational training one-stop career center efforts in the early 1990s. During that time I had opportunities to work with higher education partners as well as with workforce partners.” “I later worked with a couple of colleges and also worked with the Arkansas Student Loan Authority which involved interaction with Financial Aid offices around the state at both community colleges and four-year colleges and universities. Those experiences led me closer and closer to a full-time position at a college campus.” After serving almost 12 years with Goodwill Industries of Arkansas (Education and Employment Coordinator), the Little Rock Career Development Center Inc. (Executive Director), and the Arkansas Student Loan Authority/EdFinancial Services (Client Relations Supervisor), Moore became fully engaged in higher education as a collegiate Director of Career Services in 2006. He later worked at Pulaski Technical College and UACCM before accepting the job in West Memphis. “When I saw the opportunity at ASU Mid-South and the efforts that are being put forth to help bring residents to a certain point both economically and educationally, it’s something I wanted to be a part of,” Moore said. “It’s a great opportunity to touch lives, to inspire students’ growth, and to encourage them to move forward.” “My passion is the community college. As a people person, I think this is where I can have the most influence. During the early years of my professional career, I really saw that I liked working with people, especially people who were making a difference in other people’s lives. That’s certainly the situation at ASU Mid-South.” Moore, who focused on two-year college leadership during his doctoral studies, said his professional philosophy centers on purposeful impact and a holistic approach to education. “I believe very strongly in purposeful impact. When you think about doing things with a purpose, it’s critical, and when you think about doing things with an impact, that’s critical too. I believe everything we do as administration, faculty, and staff should be done with an eye toward purposeful impact.” “I also believe in a holistic approach to students. It takes a team to meet the diverse academic and non-academic needs of our students. A lot of times students come to a community college not knowing what they want to do, and I think it’s the responsibility of the institution to put dynamics in place to encourage students to move forward with their education and their life.” The new AVC says he has many ideas that he hopes will bear fruit at ASU Mid-South but pointed out that he is spending the majority of his early weeks at the college with open ears. “I have quite a few ideas, but I want to do a lot of listening first,” he explained. “In a position of this magnitude, I think you have to do an assessment first. I believe in people, and I believe in growing people. In doing that, you have to listen. Sometimes when we’re working with students, we don’t listen.” “Our job is to help them get a solid footing on where they want to go, and to do that, we must truly listen to their dreams and concerns.” He said gaining the support and earning the respect of his peers will be important to the process as well. “Getting buy in is key,” Moore pointed out. “If we can get buy in from our constituents on campus, I think we can move the needle further. I may think my idea is a great idea, but it may have been a great idea two years ago or a great idea for a year or two down the line. I want to make sure that my ideas fit, and that they have support.” As the lead employee for Student Life, Moore will deal with conduct issues, disability services, activities, and intramural sports. His job description and duties will likely grow and evolve as he learns more about the institution and the people it serves. As a youngster, Moore wanted to become a professional baseball player. “I played a lot of high school and American Legion ball and wanted to play in college,” he said. However, he opted to attend the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff which did not have a program at the time. “I was told they would have one my sophomore year, but they didn’t. I was just about to transfer, but the college environment and my friends led me to stay. I decided I wanted to major in psychology and didn’t pursue baseball after that. Now I’m playing church league softball.” Moore earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology at UAPB and later added a master’s in Public Administration from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. His Ed.D. is from Morgan State University. Moore and his wife are parents of two sons, one who lives in Tulsa and another who is a freshman in college. For general information on ASU Mid-South, visit the campus at 2000 West Broadway in West Memphis, email Enrollment Services at, call (870) 733-6728, or see the college’s website at


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