The ‘Americants’

By Robert L. Hall

According to the Urban Dictionary, an Americant is an American who is extremely lazy and who refuses to work for a living. They want everything handed to them on a silver platter. This represents all of the Democrats running for president and practically the entire field of the Republican Party as well. Take Jeb Bush … please! He never knew an illegal alien he didn’t like. They come here as an “Act of Love,” he was quoted as saying. Yeah. They love our welfare, food stamps, free healthcare, free education … free, free, free! What’s not to love? And all paid for out of the pocketbooks and wallets of the American taxpayer. Only, Bush thinks that precisely because he’s a Bush, he should be handed over the presidency without having to explain himself to the American people about how allowing millions upon millions of unwashed masses of Third Worlders into our country could possibly help the national health, economy or job prospects of our people. Instead, he shoves his finger in our eyes in the hope that he can blind us to that fact until he sneaks into office. He thinks he’s entitled to the job … that makes him an Americant. Then there’s Marco Rubio. Didn’t he get the memo? Founding Charter Members of the ‘Gang of Eight’ like him have had their Conservative Cards revoked for life. When you jumped off the Amnesty for Illegals Bridge, Marco Baby, your political career jumped with you. Now, he says he ‘misjudged’ the whole amnesty thing. Right. Only, he has not recanted any of his former statements. Just offers an “I’m Sorry” to the voter. Sorry for what? That you got caught trying to stick it to us? Look, we know what happened to you, Marco. The Dems needed a gullible politician to carry the water for the Republicans; and who better to support their half-baked scheme than a Republican Latino to act as the fall guy. Then, they settled on you and sent out John McCain to talk you into the whole scam. You fell for it. Too bad for you. What else is there to say? You are lazy, Marco. You didn’t do the brain work first. You were flattered by all the attention and, yes, you still support amnesty. I mean, the American public may have a short memory … but not THAT short! But, because you were intellectual lazy, you have become an Americant. But the Bush’s and Rubio’s and the rest are all Republican Americants, save two-Cruz and Trump. Most of the party has sold out to the One-Percenters, who are throwing down on their money on betting that an establishment Republican will be the next president and bring millions of slave laborers into this country for the next one-hundred years and relegate the American citizenry to poverty and unemployment and ruin, so that the rich can just get richer at our expense. While we hear stupidities like this from the Republican mainstreamers: “Ohhhh, that would be so inhumane to round up illegals and deport them.” So it’s like … MORE HUMANE to allow millions of AMERICANS to go on without the hope of a job, losing their life savings, and on the dole, so that we can treat foreigners better than we treat our own people? Or: “It would be too expensive to send them back home.” Yet, it’s not TOO EXPENSIVE to support untold millions upon millions of them with extravagant federal and state welfare benefits, free education, healthcare, and house their hardened gang members in our prisons, while they send the word south to their relatives to load up and come to America while they send billions in remittances to them to make it happen (earned at illegal jobs paid under the counter — hence not taxed legally?) Or: “It just can’t be done. It is ridiculous or ludicrous or insidious to think so.” Really? Well, Presidents Eisenhower and Trumann DID DO IT! They both had millions of illegals thrown out of the country during their terms in office. So, when Bush or Rubio or Kasich tells you they can’t obey the laws of the country and enforce deportation … take it from me … they can’t. That’s why they poll about 5 percent or less of Republican voters. There’s a saying that is appropriate here: “Can’t never could.” But, conservatives know better. They heard the truth the other day, loud and clear from Ted Cruz, when he said: “We’re tired of being told (we’re) ‘Anti-Immigrant.’ It’s offensive!” Or as Donald Trump declared: “We are a country of laws. They have to go out.” But, then he’s an American…not an Americant!


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