Our View: No room in jail? Well, just turn ‘em loose!

Anyone, and we mean anyone, with any degree of intelligence knows full well that opening the flood gates to our federal prisons and letting thousands of convicted felons run free is absolutely putting the safety and welfare of every law-abiding citizen in this country in harm’s way. This dictator of a president – Barack Hussein Obama – has once again taken it upon himself to abuse an extraordinary amount of executive power to do and act as he darn well pleases regardless of the opinion, input, consideration or respect of members of Congress, who are elected by us, the citizens of this United States, to insure that this type of dictatorship does not occur. While these spineless, boneless and pathetic members of Congress appear to be sitting back doing absolutely nothing to roadblock this dictator’s self-serving socialistic action, local sheriffs across America are voicing major concern for the safety of the citizens they’ve sworn to protect following the biggest one-time release of federal inmates in U.S. history. The 6,112 felony-convicted criminals were let loose from federal prison at the beginning of November as a result of action by Obama’s so-called Sentencing Commission to reduce sentences for most drug trafficking offenses and apply them retroactively. Sheriff Paul Babeu of Arizona’s Pinal County told the media, “There’s no transition here, there’s no safety net. This is the biggest sham they are trying to sell the American people.” “On average, these criminals have been in federal prison for nine years — you don’t have to be a sheriff to realize that a felon after nine years in jail isn’t going to be adding value to the community. A third are illegals and felons, so they can’t work. What do we think they are going to do?” Sheriff Babeu told Fox News reporters. Listen to this: The November inmates are just the first of approximately 46,000 who may have their cases reviewed. Of those released in the first round, Obama’s liberal Department of Justice says 1,764 were to be turned over to immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation proceedings. But, sheriffs and many other officials in law enforcement are skeptical of the deportation claim and so are we. “The promise is they’re going to be turned over to ICE and deported. Anyone who thinks there’s any likelihood of them leaving the U.S … think again,” Sheriff Babeu said, before going on to say Obama should be held totally responsible for any crimes committed by those released, and by golly, there will be crimes committed by these criminals. There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that these criminals will be a risk to every community in this country, including our very own here in Crittenden County. We say that in light of the absolute fact that the average number of these criminals being released to any one state is 80, with Texas slated to receive as many as nearly 600. While we’re on our rant, let us also say an Associated Press review just last month found that while many were low-level drug dealers, some had prior convictions for robbery or were involved in moving serious drugs like cocaine and heroin. Officials in Maine reported that the group included a former “drug kingpin” previously listed as one of “America’s Most Wanted,” after his 20-year sentenced was reduced. This is just another deplorable act on the part of this dictator to get by with his destructive agenda with no regard for the public safety of the law-abiding citizens of the United States. It is an absolute shame that we have allowed this to occur.


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